Frequently Asked Questions

 The Patient Partnership Program (PPP) currently includes people living with respiratory, immunology, cardiovascular, renal and metabolic diseases and cancers.  The program also includes caregivers for people with these diseases.

PPP partners might also have  personal or professional experience in different areas such as medicine, scientific research, health marketing, patient advocacy/government affairs, health education, market access, drug safety and/or digital health but this is not a requirement.

You will not be able to join the PPP in the following instances:

  • If you are younger than 18 years old

  • If you are a caregiver of a minor without parental authority

  • If you do not have a disease or you are a caregiver of someone who does not have a disease that is currently included in our program

  • If you or anyone in your immediate family is currently employed by a pharmaceutical or medical device company, or a regulatory body approving medicines in your country (such as FDA in the US, MHRA in the UK or the EMA in Europe)

  • If you do not speak English (see question below on language requirement for PPP)

Based upon their personal health experiences and some other area(s) of functional expertise, PPP partners will share their opinions, ideas, perspectives and insights with AZ teams about projects in a number of different areas to support development of solutions that will impact patients' lives.  These can include reviewing clinical trial materials, disease educational campaigns, patient support programs, or digital healthcare solutions.  They may also be invited to speak about their disease experience to internal teams or externally

Meeting engagements may take place via telephone, email, video conference, virtual meeting platform and/or in-person.

Time commitment will vary depending on project needs and meeting types e.g. telephone, email, virtual meeting and in-person meetings. Once enrolled, PPP partners are matched to specific projects. Project details such as PPP partner's role and responsibilities and time commitments will be discussed and agreed upon between AstraZeneca project owners and PPP partners prior to initiation of activities. It is anticipated that discussions over telephone, virtual meeting platform or video conference may require fewer  hours than in-person meetings which may require travel time. You are not obligated to participate in an activity if invited to do so.

It is not a requirement to travel to be part of the program.  It is anticipated that most work will be co-created via teleconference/video conference, virtual meeting platform or email. Occasionally travel may be required for a specific project so as part of eligibility you will be asked if this is something you would be able to do or not.  

AstraZeneca takes the privacy and security of your Personal Data very seriously. The Privacy Notice and Consent Authorization is used to outline and agree on what personal data we will collect from you and how we will use it. We are happy to explain the Authorization in greater detail and discuss any of your specific questions or concerns individually as needed. We are unable to consider you for the program without a signed Authorization confirming your willingness to share your personal and health information. Additional information about the way AstraZeneca handles privacy can be found at

No. Your personal information is securely collected, stored as confidential and will be used for internal purposes only. We will not share your data with 3rd parties and this data will not be used to market any products or services to you.

The Patient Partnership Program is currently active only for fluent English speakers as this is the language used in our global business activities and the PPP projects will require fluency in reading and speaking English.  We plan to extend the program to AstraZeneca regional and local projects in a broader number of countries and this will expand the Patient Partnership Program to include other languages in the future.

AstraZeneca’s Patient Partnership Program is active in many diseases in respiratory, immunology,  cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and  oncology  area.   We will be adding several new disease areas in the future. Please feel free to check back if you are interested in participating but do not see your condition listed.

No, we do not require patients to be using a specific product or treatment made by AstraZeneca. Occasionally, we require input from patients who have previously taken a range of different medicines, but not specifically AstraZeneca medicines

You will be required to sign a 1 year contract with AstraZeneca when you join the program.  This contract does not commit you to undertake any projects but sets out the legal protection for you and AstraZeneca around things like data protection and confidentiality.  This contract does not make you an employee of AstraZeneca.  You will be invited to take part in individual projects each time and can choose whether to take part or not.

Compensation for your time and services will be considered and confirmed based upon specific activity needs and based on what is allowable in your country of residence in accordance with locally defined Fair Market Value. If an activity requires travel, the Patient Partnership Program will reimburse you for any reasonable expenses as allowable. If you are invited to join the PPP you will be asked to provide your payment details to enable AstraZeneca to set you up in the payment system. This will allow electronic payment directly to your bank via international wire or electronic funds transfer (EFT).

The Patient Partnership Program is managed entirely by AstraZeneca employees in order to foster lasting relationships and open lines of communication with our PPP partners. AstraZeneca occasionally employs the aid of one of our trusted service providers, to assist in the recruitment of PPP partners for this program.

The majority of our communication and activities will take place via email, teleconference, virtual meeting platform or videoconference. If you are not already comfortable with this level of technology use, please let us know.

You may disclose that you are contracted as a partner within the program but you may NOT discuss any of the projects you work on or content that you are entrusted with. We may at times share confidential and/or proprietary information and materials with you, which may belong exclusively to AstraZeneca. We ask that you discuss with us prior to mentioning the name of AstraZeneca and/or using any AstraZeneca information that you obtain during this program. We will explain the terms and conditions of participating in this program via an agreement that will be provided to you in advance of participating in any activities.

We have much to learn from you and always welcome your feedback in order to make this program a positive experience for you, your families and also future partners. Please share your ideas and feedback by email at

Currently we have approximately 10-20 patients/caregivers  per disease area.

Our PPP partners are contracted for a minimum period of 1 year, and may be renewed.

Yes. You have the right to terminate participation with the Patient Partnership Program at any time. Please contact us by email at should you wish to terminate your participation in the program.