What is the Patient Partnership Program?

At AstraZeneca, we have a strong history of supporting patients. Our vision is to deliver the healthcare experience and outcomes that people care about most so they can enjoy fulfilling lives. We take pride in our science and the medicines we develop because patients are the real motivation behind our daily work. Caregivers are also important because of the significant role they have in a patient's life. We aspire to listen to and understand the experiences both patients and caregivers face every day because this can transform the way we work and how we deliver our medicines and healthcare programs.

The Patient Partnership Program (PPP) achieves this by opening communication between AstraZeneca, and patients and caregivers who have a personal experience in a given disease. Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, we want to listen to you and understand your experiences. This will help us partner with you to create medicines and supporting solutions to enable you, as a patient to live a better life with your disease or, as a caregiver to better support the people you care for.

As a PPP participant you will be invited to be an advisor in different projects such as reviewing clinical trial materials, disease educational campaigns, patient support programs, or digital healthcare solutions. You may also be invited to speak about your disease experience to internal teams or externally.

If you are interested in joining the program continue to the “Join Patient Partnership Program” page and complete the short questionnaire.